JMZ Twitter

Allows to display a configurable numbers of updates (Tweets) based on Twitter API. Its powerful admin panel.

JMZ Twitter

This module comes with ease of configuration, its powerful admin panel includes all settings for you to configure, no customization is required.To choose which tweets you want to show you have a lot of options that you can also combine: You can set a user name whose tweets you want to display, to only show tweets to a user you’re writing to or tweets that contain a certain hash-tag or a specific word.

 Easy to Install.

 Choose whether to display your avatar or not.

 Select whether to display just your tweets or all tweets related to a particular topic.

Twitter username can be set to be displayed above each tweet.

 Easy and friendly administration.

 Encryption of OAuth information for security, so that you will never lose your OAuth information.

 Select auto join phrases according to the nature of your tweet eg specific intro text for replies.

 Limitation for number of tweets to be displayed.


Quick Info

  • Version : 1.0.0
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  • Category : Joomla! Extensions
  • Compatibility : 2.5 3.x



Easy to Install

The installation of this module is quite easy. All you have to do after downloading the module is to install it. To do that go to your Joomla administration area > Extensions > Install/Uninstall. Then click Upload File & Install to upload the file and complete the installation.


Display your avatar

When enabled, your profile picture from Twitter will appear in the module, this option permits switching on/off the appearance of the user avatar alongside your other profile information. In this case, you can set size for the Avatar.


Tweets related particular topic

Twitter tags are useful for organizing tweets into related conversations, using a #hashtag allows tweets related to a particular topic to be found when people search on the tag or keyword.


Display Twitter username

Option to display the user name of your account with each tweet twitter. If you like simplicity, you can configure the avatar offline and replaced it is the presence of twitter usernames.


Friendly administration

Easily configure module parameters in the backend, an important guide to Encrypt of OAuth information for security is integrated in the administrator of module, so you can follow the instructions to complete the installation quickly.


Encryption of OAuth

Twitter denies non-Authorized request, that means you need to provide the information below to authorize your request. The information needs to be secured so after you save settings, the OAuth information will be encrypted.


Select auto join phrases

Select auto join phrases according to the nature of your tweet eg specific intro text for replies, verbs, replying to tweets and more.


Limitation for number of tweets

This option determines the total number of tweets to display in the module. By the default, this value is 5 tweets.