JMZ Flickr API

A great solution for quickly and easily adding high quality images to any Joomla site based on Flickr API

JMZ Flickr API is an image hosting website that is widely used to share photographs. You can set the gallery to display images by photoset, user, group or by keywords. These will then be displayed in the module. Opening the flickr images displays them in a lightbox which allows you to scroll through the list and view each photo individually.

 Different photo-feeds : User, Photosets, Group, Powerful Search Function.

 Fully responsive.

 Enable images gallery.

 Use Magnific Popup or write your own handler to display galleries.

 You assign the number of images to display.

 Sort Photos support.

Setting image size flexibility

Navigate by image click

Quick Info

  • Version : 1.0.0
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  • Type : Paid Download
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  • Category : Joomla! Extensions
  • Compatibility : 2.5 3.x



Different photo-feeds

Easy filter the image in the photo-feeds: User, Photosets, Group, Powerful Search Function.


Fully responsive

Regardless of the device your user is viewing your site on, this module is optimised for the dimensions of that screen.


Enable images gallery

Flexibility and ease-of-use to view your site in full all-out browser mode and palm-sized smartphone screens.


Use Magnific Popup

A responsive lightbox & dialog script with focus on performance and providing best experience for user with any device.


Assign the number of images

This is the number of images that will be displayed . By the default, the value is 8.


Sort Photos support

Method to sort photos: Relevance,Interestingness,Date Taken,Date Posted.


Image size flexibility

Auto adjust size of thumbnail, there are three ways to create thumbnails: Square Thumbnail, Uncropped, Larger.


Navigate by image click

Add the possibility to navigate with click the mouse.