JMZ Widget Twitter

Allows visitor can hover on it to see what is going on over in Twitter land, right from your website.

Free JMZ Widget Twitter

Some millions of people have Twitter accounts and use it on a regular basis. This includes both individuals as well as businesses. If you have a website and a Twitter account, the Twitter widget slider is something for you.

 Fully customizable features.

 Slider is space efficient.

 Highlight special events, notices.

 Get all of the latest news.

 Gain more Twitter followers.

Quick Info

  • Version : 1.0.0
  • Visit : 6414 views
  • Download : 1931 times
  • Type Extentions : M
  • Type : Free Download
  • Documentation : Views
  • Category : Joomla! Extensions
  • Compatibility : 2.5 3.x



Fully customizable features

Enable you to do more than you ever could before. Using configuration parameters as default value.


Slider is space efficient

All that is visible is the Twitter icon, until it is hovered over. Once t is hovered over the Twitter newsfeed appears.


Highlight special events, notices

Post all of your tweets that you want people to see. If you post it on Twitter, the Twitter Widget Slider makes it easy to share with everyone.


Get all of the latest news

All the latest tweets from your twitter account will be displayed on the module.